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The Texas Equine logo and full name of the business: Texas Equine Education & Horsemanship.

Texas Equine Education and Horsemanship strives to provide safe and quality experiences with horses for all ages. Our goal is to inspire confidence in each student on and off the horse.

a girl smiling and wearing a riding helmet

Hands-on education to better understand how to handle and care for your horse. 

Shelby grooming a horse

We offer foundational horsemanship lessons for beginners and beyond who want to know more about horses. 

A Texas Equine rider standing near a horse

Princess Reign is full of personality and sure to be a hit at your next party or event!  She loves meeting people!

a little girl dressed up as a fairy princess unicorn, standing beside a miniature horse that is wearing a decorated halter with a unicorn horn and has flowers and ribbons in its mane
a man wearing equestrian clothing sitting on a horse

We provide an environment where veterans, military members, first responders and their families can come together to facilitate healing and build and strengthen relationships through equine interaction and outdoor activities in a peaceful farm setting. Contact us today to come out for a discounted lesson. 

Horseback riding carries a higher injury rate per hour of exposure than downhill ski racing, football, hang-gliding and motorcycle racing. Medical Examiner reports show that 60% or more of horse-related deaths are caused by head injuries. Helmets can reduce this possibility by 70-80%.

a little  girl wearing a riding helmet
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