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The Team




Shelby Williams

Founder & Director

Shelby Williams has had a glowing passion for horses from a very young age. Her love for horses grew after the purchase of her first horse and she knew then that she wanted to work in the horse industry in the future. After completing her Associates of Science Degree from Richland College, she continued on to West Virginia. In 2013, Shelby graduated with her Riding Master Level III, Training Certification, Teaching Certification and Massage Therapy Certification from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre. She continued to pursue her love and education for horses after graduating and got involved with therapeutic riding. Shelby completed her Registered Level Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification from PATH Intl. in 2014 and taught Therapeutic Riding at a center in north Texas from 2014-2019. In 2017, she graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with her Bachelors in Equine Studies. Shelby serves as the Education Chair and Youth Program Coordinator for the Northeast Texas Dressage Club.

Program Management Team

Natalyn Luper

Equine Management Team

Natalyn Luper (Nat) started taking riding lessons when she was 6 years old. Ever sense her first riding lesson, horses have been a huge part of her life. Today she is on a equine jump team competing all over the DFW area in the DHJSC (Dallas Hunter Jumper Scholarship Circuit) competitions. In hopes of getting her own horse, she is currently working at an equine rescue facility, as well as being a working student. Exercising, feeding, grooming, riding, and training horses daily makes her very experienced around horses. With still more to learn, Nat has made it her mission to learn all she can, and get all the ride time possible, so that when she owns her own horse she is ready and knowledgeable. 


Zoey Bryant

Facility Management Team

Zoey Bryany has been around farm animals her whole life. She's always had a passion for horses. Trying to gain more knowledge about horses, she decided to start working at an equine horse facility and she's loving it so far! In her free time, she's usually spending time with her family and friends or playing with her dog. 

Our Team.

Meet our Texas Equine Interns!

Texas Equine offers a thorough internship to help prepare the next generation for the equine industry.

Click HERE to check out our Internship Program. 

A word from our past interns...


While getting my Bachelors for Equine Studies at Texas A&M University-Commerce, I sought out an internship at Texas Equine. Through working here, I was able to apply educational knowledge from school into hands-on application. In addition, Shelby Williams provided expertise in areas I was unfamiliar with to broaden my understanding. My time here has not only allowed me to work with horses, but also with the people that share a love for these great animals. I used this opportunity to prepare myself for a job after I graduated college and I am grateful for the skills that I have developed.  I have since graduated TAMUC in Summer ‘23 and now working in the equine industry!

- Christina Verver-Polykalas


I learned a lot while interning at Texas Equine from learning how to properly clean a horse stall to riding a horse. Shelby is a great mentor. I helped her maintain many aspects of the farm. I learned how to bathe a horse and how to clean her hoofs. She taught me how to tie a proper knot to hold a horse in place and how to lead a horse along with placing its halter on without spooking the horses. I gained lots of knowledge on the food and supplements she feeds her horses and why only some horses get one supplement and three get another. Although there was a lot of physical work involved in my internship it taught me a lot about what it takes to own a horse. You can’t just own a horse and feed it without maintaining other aspects such as hoof trimming or for Shelby's lucky horses getting a chiropractic treatment done. you will benefit greatly interning at Texas Equine horse experience or not Shelby will show you the ropes.

- Victoria Whittington

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