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Texas Equine Education & Horsemanship offers foundational horsemanship lessons from the ground up for riders ages five years and older. Our goal is to teach students to have confidence on different horses in both English and Western and the versatility to advance into any discipline. Each lesson is personalized to fit the needs of the student.
Horsemanship lessons not only provide riding skills but also improve cognitive function such as memory, sequencing, multi-tasking, information retention, emotional regulation, energy regulation and problem solving skills as well as physical function such as balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness. 

Mini Lessons

Mini Lessons last about 30 minutes, which includes time to tack/untack and about 10-15 minutes of ride time. These lessons are perfect for younger riders. Lessons are $40 each or four for $150. 


Private Lessons

Private Lessons last  around 60 minutes, which includes time to tack/untack and about 30-40 minutes of ride time. Lessons are $65 each or four for $250.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons last 60-90 minutes for up to 4 students and include time to tack/untack and 30-40 minutes of ride time. Students must be over the age of 8 years old to participate in Group Lessons. Lessons are scheduled for the entire month at the same day and time. Cost is $200 for each student.

Crystal Salt

Intro Lessons

Intro lessons are available to schedule for new students. This includes time for a Meet & Greet followed by an introductory lesson. Intro Lessons lasts a total of 60-90 mins and cost $50 per person (max 4 people).

Click on Scheduling to book an Intro Lesson!  

*Please note our weight limit*


Mobile Lessons

Off Property Lessons take place on the student's horse on their own property and last around 30 and 60 minutes. Lesson options include:

  • Half hour Private Lessons ($60)

  • One hour Private Lesson or two half hour Private Lessons ($80)

  • One hour Group Lessons ($70 per student). 


Texas Equine offers various educational opportunities including Texas Equine Confident Horsemanship classes, Mounted Horsemanship lessons, College Internship program and Teaching Fundamental classes. 


Lessons continue as scheduled, rain or shine! We offer many educational opportunities both on and off the horse. Lessons are available on Texas Equine horses or personal horses and take place in Farmersville, Texas. In order to keep our wonderful lesson horses safe and happy, we have a weight limit of 200lbs. We also offer horsemanship lessons on the ground such as showmanship, free longing, longing and ground driving to all clients. Lessons are also available on privately owned horses within a 30 miles radius of our home location.


Please visit our FAQ page or contact us with any questions.  

To book a lesson please contact us at (972) 945-9493 or

Please click here to schedule a lesson if you are an existing client.

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