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Internship Program

College Internship Program


The Texas Equine Internship Program is a great stepping stone into the equine industry. The skills acquired help participants experience different aspects of the industry to help narrow down their job search. Interns get real world experience handling horses, interacting with other equine professionals and the required day to day care. In addition to hands-on experience, interns also gain confidence, self awareness, time management skills, efficiency and problem solving skills. Click here to apply for our internship!


Current Interns: Please click here to see any Internship Updates.

An (L) indicates that this topic is in lecture format. A (P) indicates that this topic is in practical format and will require multiple repetitions to gain experience.


Care and Management

  • The right equine partner (L)

  • The right environment (L)

  • Feeding practices (P)

  • Grain and supplements (L)

  • Forage (L)

  • Routine Maintenance (L)

  • Equine Professionals (L)

  • Daily maintenance (P)

  • Seasonal care (P)


Anatomy and Equipment

  • Anatomy (P)

  • Colors (L)

  • Breeds (L)

  • Grooming and equipment (P

  • Daily maintenance (P)

  • Hydration care (P)

  • Seasonal care (P)

  • Supportive leg gear (P)

Horse Handling

  • Horse behavior (L)

  • Leading the horse (P)

  • Mounting (P)

  • Dismounting (P)

  • Mounted communication (P)

  • Trailer safety


Physical and Medical care

  • First Aid (P)

  • Administering medication (P)

  • Common illness and ailments (L)

  • Lunging (P)

  • Stretches and massage (P)

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