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Are horses good for kids? You bet!

Horses are good for children, and there are many reasons why a child should learn to horseback ride. I started loving horses when I was just 2, and I started riding horses when I was just 7. Horses kept me focused as a child and taught me responsibility. With horses I gained self-confidence and much more. A parent should be glad of any request that gets their child away from the TV, their phone, a gaming console, or their computer. Yes, horses are expensive. And riding is a little risky no matter how careful you are, but you can learn to be safe. That first lesson can be a step towards a lifelong activity that benefits both body and soul.

Before your child begins, you’ll want an approved riding helmet, proper boots, and comfortable clothes. We can help you find the right essentials to get started! A torso protector, although bulky, is a good idea too. Most garments can be bought used, but a helmet is the one thing you will want to buy new, off the store shelf. Our staff can help you make sure that the helmet fits your child properly.

In just a short time, you will see the positive impact that horses are having on your child! Give us a call to schedule your child's first lesson today!

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